Churchyard Health & Safety Inspection - September 8th 2020: 

Early in the month all the Trustees who could walk met formally one morning at the Churchyard  with an agenda ‘to conduct a routine inspection of memorials for H&S purpose’

On the day about 30 memorials were discovered to  perhaps be a bit unstable. All those memorials were identified  initially with  black and yellow safety tape and the following week encapsulated notices  including a contact number were affixed to them.  A reference list has been compiled with names, dates and locations. (Requests for sight or copies will be considered)   Images of the ‘ delinquent memorials’ have been posted on Facebook.

A Monumental Mason was asked to advise the Trustees. Subsequently, very unstable memorials, especially those close to paths have been laid down.

A Trustee is diaried in rotation to carry out and report on a weekly walkabout. Several graves in the Chapel /1850 plot were found to have subsided.  The graves were hazard  marked and a Monumental Mason consulted. It was decided to back fill the visible cavities and cover with soil (obtained from ant hills in the New Ground) That job is ongoing using the Monumental Mason.

Grass cutting carries on as required during the growing season.