Programme of Site Maintenance


Trustee walkabout October 19 2020


Rhinanthus minor in flower

Grass looked reasonable throughout. Forgot to look in the bin. One of the memorials which had been laid down in September had been re erected, but the hazard tape and notice were still attached. That stone was re tested for stability, found to be still unstable and lowered to the ground again.  There was an amicable exchange on Facebook later in the day about lowered memorials. It is not known if the other person was a relative.

The 1850/ Chapel plot cremation memorials under the wall were raked clear of accumulated leaves and detritus which was left on the path, the wind would re scatter it in due course.  Scarifying exposed one or more memorials which had probably not seen the light of day for years and several more vacant plots. Yellow rattle (YR) seed (bought by BNCCT) was scattered over the scarified area as a trial.  There will be no results from that trial until any YR plants have flowered next year. They will need to be cut down/strimmed before the YR seeds set, by which time they should have parasitised the grass. The YR area will be over sown with wildflower mix.

How to grow Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor)

Yellow Rattle Life Cycle


Trustees are looking at different ways of addressing the grounds maintenance issue. An approach to a Grounds Maintenance company has regrettably come to nothing but more local approaches are being undertaken. We are aiming at obtaining a standard of finish close to or better than that achieved in other areas of the Churchyard.